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C-Range pumps

"C" Axial Piston Pumps for high accuracy fluid metering with precision flow controls and high-pressure capability. Specifically designed for the Polyurethane Industry. Capacities from 2 to 125 cm3/rev.

  • Designed specifically for the Polyurethane foam industry from over 20 years application experience and development
  • Uniform fluid temperatures throughout the pump
  • Designed for high inlet pressure. Twin PTFE seals running on a ceramic bush allow up to 20 bar
  • High metering accuracy. Matched and balanced control components minimise backlash errors
  • No leakage return line, pump is internally drained
  • Leakage indicator and lubrication ports included
  • All major components treated to minimise corrosion
  • Cartridge shaft seal to ease service and minimise maintenance time
  • Certified to ATEX directive: 94/9/EC

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