Flexible couplings (Starex®)

HBE Starex® drive couplings consist of a double cardanic curved tooth gear coupling and are predominantly used in general mechanical engineering and hydraulics. The couplings are maintenance free due to their material combination plastic/steel and compensate a misalignment of the shaft in axial-radial-angular. They are axially pluggable and available with finish bore metric H7, taper bore and inch bore as well as with toothed wheel work. The basic assortment can be delivered ex stock.

Flexible flange couplings Starex®- FL- PA

The entire coupling length is normally mounted inside the flywheel housing face requiring only a flat pump mounting plate, saving valuable space inside the equipment frame. The glass reinforced nylon flywheel flange is designed to operate in diesel engine ambients without air circulation. It is dimensionally stable to 120°C. The steel hub gear tooth design provides for angular misalignment, preventing angular forces on the pump shaft bearings and seals. The crowned steel hub teeth slide freely in the nylon flywheel gear teeth. Any shaft float is absorbed by the coupling and is not transmitted to the pump. In most assemblies, the steel hub gear passes through the pilot hole of the pump mounting plate. This allows a quick assembly without the need for view or hand ports.

More information on flexible couplings can be found in our product catalogue. For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.