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High pressure pumps

The TR / TRG radial piston pump was designed for the high pressure range up to 700 bar and for uncritical, clear media. The pump is available in different versions. Moreover, Beinlich offers the product series TRD/TRGD with coated pistons for poorly and non-lubricating media. Additionally, various seals can be assembled to meet the different requirements (triple shaft seal with block chamber, mechanical seal with block chamber or magnetic coupling).

Performance data

  • Displacements 0.42 to 42.88 cc/rev
  • Speed range 300 to 2,000 rpm
  • Viscosity range 0.4 to 2,000 mPas
  • Ambient temperature range -30 to +60°C
  • Fluid temperature range / operating temperature range -20 to +150°C
  • Pressure range 200 to 700 bar

Areas of application

  • Test stands
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • High pressure dosage

More information on high pressure pumps can be found in our product catalogues. For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.