Level indicators

HBE produces different oil gauges and level switches for level indication. The various products are especially suitable for mineral oils, diesel or benzene and for a minimum temperature range of -15°C up to +80°C.

Level oil gauges ÖS 76, 127, 176 and 254

Case: St (powder coated)
Plug, Inspection glass: PA
Scale plates: PVC
Gaskets: NBR (optionally FPM)
Application range: -20°C bis +80°C
Indication range thermometer:

ÖS 76: -20°C up to +80°C
ÖS 127/176/254: -10°C up to +80°C

Screwed starting torque: 8 NM max.
Appropriate for hydraulic oils HL and HLP

Level oil gauges ÖS-EK-127 and ÖS-EK-254

Case: AL (powder coated)
Plug, Inspection glass: PA
Swimmer: PA
Gaskets: Viton
Temperature range of medium: -20°C up to +80°C
Indication range probe therm: 0°C up to +100°C
Tank pressure: max. 1 bar
Screw starting torque: 8 Nm max.
Appropriate for hydraulic oils HL and HLP
Alternatively available as brake contact or make contact
Contact box according to DIN EN 175301-803-B/ISO6952

Level switches

* optionally available with one (series NS 1) or two switch contacts (series NS 2), temperature switch (series NS 1-TE) or variable switch contact (series NS 1-VR)

Stem: Brass (series NS 1-VR: Indox aisi 304)
Swimmer: Nylon  (Serie NS 1-VR: NBR)
Max. temperature: -15°C up to +80°C
Hysteresis: 2-3 mm
Max. voltage: 230 resp. 250 VAC (series NS 1-VR)
Appropriate for mineral oils, diesel and benzine

More information and technical details on level indicators can be found in our product catalogues. For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.