MCS - Mini Control System

MCS – short for mini control system – defines a complete range of miniature fittings, check couplings and accessories. MCS offers a simple, inexpensive appliance to check pressure in hydraulic systems. Permanently mounted pressure gauges and shut-off valves are no more necessary, thereby reducing initial costs. Replacement costs due to gauges broken by system problems or external damages are also eliminated.

Besides hoses, fittings and check couplings, MCS offers optional hose ends to adapt to many other test couplings from other suppliers. Besides, they can be used for obtaining fluid samples from various points in hydraulic systems or as an air bleed device.

The "Mini Control System" is versatile enough to be used instead of rigid pipes for pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transducers, pilot lines, etc. It dampens pressure peaks and prevents vibration from reaching the instruments, thanks to the micro hose’s capillary effect.

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