Test points

Oleotec offers a wide range of test points for a pressure check in hydraulic systems, lubrication, air bleeding, oil samples drawing or microhydraulics. MCS check couplings can be installed at any point of the hydraulic system, where pressure is to be monitored. For remote or hard-to-reach locations, an MCS bulkhead coupling and an MCS micro-bore hose bring pressure to a central panel thus simplifying its control.

The test points are available with different caps made from steel, stainless steel or plastic. Additionally, the user can choose from versions on request like.

  • Plug-in check couplings with stand pipe
  • Plug-in check couplings with 24° sealing cone
  • Plug-in check coupling with straight tube connection
  • Pressure gauge connection

As the latest development, Oleotec has designed the MCS Series 621 - a wired system test point with a poppet valve.

For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.